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Afro brazilian martial arts and fitness

The first Afro-Brazilian Capoeira program of the Jersey shore

Afro Brazilian Martial Arts and Fitness is the first program to promote, teach, and explore the art and culture of Afro Brazilian Capoeira. Since the beginning of the millennium, our art has been exposed to countless cultural events across the Jersey coast as well as appearances on local and national television.

The art once displayed and hidden as a dance 500 years ago during the Colonial slavery era in Brazil, it has become popular in movies and across the globe as not only a dynamic art but also effective resource in MMA competitions. Capoeira is a fun and intense workout known to burn over 1500 calories in one session.  We also explore other cultural dances such as the Fisherman Dance (Puxada de Dede) Samba and African stick dance (Maculêlê and Dança das Bastões).

Come and see why the art of Capoeira is the most intense, fun, and gratifying workout on the planet.  

We Have Classes Exclusively For Kids Classes (Click for more info)

And For Tween(12 years) and Men and Women (Click for more info)


Classes are located in downtown city of Long Branch at

Pearl Street Gym

Classes taught by Sub Contramestre Baiano and Instructor Formado Pacato

Capoeira in the world

Capoeira is not only world reknown but as close as your backyard. Check out a local academy in your area.


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Capoeira is...

“…an eclectic combination of martial arts hidden within dance which encourages interaction between two players of the game. The flow is never sequential and moves with the energy of the circle as people join in to sing, play, and partake in such a rhythm that can only be felt by the heart.”


Local Capoeira schools